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Apartment Therapy -

Well-rounded, get yourself a bit of everything and anything from projects, to decorating, tours, renovating, housekeeping and shop-finding. Although originally centered on apartments and small space living in big cities, Apartment Therapy has come full-circle, and caters to everyone from Oklahoma to the Upper East Side.  Apartment Therapy really has come a long way as of late and continues to expand. You can get a plethora of ideas and easily spend an evening browsing. A bookmarker, indeed.

Design*Sponge -

Grace Bonney has just that, an amazing and natural sense of grace when it comes to blogging, writing and finding beautiful ideas, spaces and creative projects. She also tempts the palette with delicious looking dishes. But she has an amazing ability to make it look so easy and natural, making it much more likely that when put at ease, you will complete that project, try that room makeover, or make that meal. It doesn’t hurt that everything on her page blends together into a harmonious stream of screen appeal.

The Decorating Diva -

I love them because their opening page usually makes me want to pass-out. I’m sorry. That’s a GOOD thing. I am instantly overwhelmed by the furniture boxed into pretty squares, and the magnificent showcase pictures that flash by me. Many inspired by some European antique or some historical beauty. A tendency for classy regal. I want a little of that. umm-hmm.

Sfgirlbybay -

For starters, Victoria’s page is so beautiful. Their are little roses hanging from the top of the screen, reminding me immediately of my collaged wall.  Her fonts and art are perfectly unique and take up little space. Very bohemian and still classic, Victoria has like 13 categories- on everything from inspiring interiors to photography to wall art to good reads. And she is a daily updater. Never to miss a post, she is listed on the top of the charts and has mega-followers. And still, she is casual and cool and calm, and her posts dictate that sort of relaxed sensibility while being, well, gorgeous.

Addicted to Decorating-

Great DIY Ideas, and many of them are her own. There are several here that I am interested in trying, from some dressed up chandeliers, ceiling designs to under-bed drawers. Whats nice about her is that she has done most of the projects and has first hand experience and pictures to show you along the way. How about the vent cover made from wooden rulers? Its beautiful…..

Habitually Chic -

Oh Man. I teared up and started squinting like a dog when I opened this page. If you want to know why, visit the post of March 1st, 2013. Wow. Whomever Heather profiled here is pretty damn cool. And she keeps going loooong after the apartment profile is done. I like that tenacity. Anyway, about that loft, the busts and the books make me nuts. This person must surely be a antiquarian books dealer, wouldn’t you say? And I bet if you opened a drawer, it would be glass encased, with some copy of a 15th century book owned by Boticelli or something utterly ridiculous. Similar to my utter ridiculousness but nowhere near as cool. Let’s just say Heather IS cool…….

California Home & Design -

You will find many an inspiration, room setup, product, idea, and general sense of longing to move to California. Some really cool California homes on the market are featured, (along with some really interesting price tags).  If you live in Cali, the “marketplace” is good for finding contractors and such, while the “product finds” are great for everyone- and really, everyone, as they don’t just cater to new, modern clean designs or shabby vintage looks…they find neat products from all over the place. “House tours” are always fun. Definitely worth the looking.

Nesting Place -

You should definitely start by reading the Nester’s profile off to the right….it pulls up a page that highlights her philosophy, how she started and where she has been featured. It also has a fantastical picture of one of her first homes – a brick – redone perfectly. People hate painting brick because they are sooooo scared. But it is such a good idea when you can make it look like this!!! Anyways……..The Nester is really great, as she is constantly changing her home around (a rental, no less) and she updates every move and shake. Not to mention she blogs in-between about keen ideas and DIY projects. Not to be missed. Her clean and beautiful style is easy to replicate.





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