A lot like Love.

It’s A lot like love.

Efatuate brings you beautiful, unique and unusual items, ideas, links, and finery from all over the web and beyond.

About the Founder~

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who spent her time in odd ways. She perused attics for long lost possessions and read for hours in treasure-filled parlors by the fire. She would pack her plastic (now vintage quality) suitcase and head out to her backyard, determined to find a shrouded tree or flowered oasis under which to dream. Later, she discovered antique shops; she then began to work in one. Before long, she was collecting and trading strange relics and was obsessing over paint swatches. Of course, she was young and broke. So, in lieu of luxury she collected old books and painted her walls halfway to the ceiling. Then she collaged the rest with cut-out flowers. And she dreamed a million dreams beneath them. (did i mention that part?)

Slowly but surely, she blossomed just like the flowers on her walls.

Efatuate was born~

A long-time lover of eclectic household goods of all kinds, the author founded Efatuate in 2010 after spending dreamy hours online in search of perfect “pieces” for her (slightly more grown-up) home. Having been raised in a family full of art, antique and jewelry lovers, she learned to appreciate items of character at an early age. However, her search became a discovery, as she happened upon great items,  fantastic ideas, sites and DIY project………..now being shared with you.