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I have been thinking hardware lately, knowing that I will be refinishing some old furniture pretty soon. Knobs and handles are sure to make all the difference, so the first place that came to mind was anthropologie. I have been admiring their hardware since the late 90′s, and now they have all kinds of drool-worthy items (stay tuned for a post on their bedding…weak in the knees.)

Anthropologie Teal KnobOkay, I can’t help but notice this color first. My brain is hard-wired for blue-greens. This is the ‘Cabinet Caret Knob’.

A little too bright for my project, but this would be great on an old white washboard cabinet. (and it’s called the Jeweler’s Knob. again, my bias.)

SO pretty, super-fem and shabby. Cottage style. This is called the ‘Gemstone Knob’. I didn’t pick these names on purpose. I swear.

Umm, okay, I am going to need two of these for the bathroom cabinet. These knobs are perfect for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. “The Big Easy Knob”. Agreed.

How to choose with all these beauties?

Mercury glass has been in for the last several years.”Mercury Glass Melon Knob”

Checker Knob

Granita Knob

Toscana Knob

Dotted Zinnia Knob

Anthropologie also has switch plate covers. The pressed tin-type are wonderful. When I was single, I often went out and bought specialty fabric and custom papers to cover the switchplates in my house. It is a fun and fantastic DIY project, especially if you’ve come across a print that you love. Everyone always commented on the unexpected covers. Now that I don’t have endless free-time, however, I would love to get some of these.

From top, In Perpetuity switchplate, Double Hoot, Hoot switchplate, In Transit switchplate and Tin Roof switchplate.

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One Response to Pretty hardware and inspiring switchplates from Anthropologie.

  1. Kathy Shapiro says:

    Absolutely beautiful artwork; I have a daughter at the Art Institute of Chicago and many of these designs could be hanging on a wall there! Congratulations on making the world a little more beautiful.

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