A lot like Love.

So, the elderly prior owners of our home left a few hard-to-spot gems lurking in the corners of the garage. At first look, everyone told me to get real. But, I am kind of crazy determined when it comes to these things. Having just converted all of our upper cabinets to open shelving, I knew I wanted some narrow understated storage. Bingo. If you wanna restore anything similar, here are my tips below….Feel free to message me of course.

I know what you are thinking. But really. It wasnt soooo bad. Here’s what I did.

1. I got one of those spongy low grit sandpaper squares and sanded down all of the rusty spots until smooth. Luckily, none of the rust was straight through the metal. No rust holes. That was key. Would have been a no-go if there had been actual rust holes. Then I gently sanded the whole thing.

2. I wiped down all of the powdery mess and took a damp cloth and cleaned off the dirt. No mega job here either. No soap and water. My primer was going to take care of that.

3. Next, I fixed that jagged leg. I bent back some metal. Put the leg back in its original place, added a little wood for support, and screwed it together.

3. I used a basic white bonding primer all over the whole thing. Inside and out. There are 4 shelves inside — i did tops and bottom (even where you cant see) because I knew I would eventually be storing food items. I wanted it all sealed up. I let it dry overnight.

4. My favorite step. Rustoleum. Oil based. I love this stuff.  Although its strong and I really shouldnt breathe it as much as i do–It works so well. Its an enamel paint, so it bonds well and it has a great shine to it. Think finished nailpolish. It looks thick. You have to watch it though because it is thick, and you have to use thick, often coats and watch for drips–they dry fast and hard. If you want to keep those brushes, be prepared to get some strong brush cleaner and cover your face. Better yet–get a brush you can toss. I know its not green, but neither is chemical based brush cleaner!

5. Let that stuff dry for 24hrs. It tends to get tacky until done. Then we have……


Isn’t she pretty?

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